Creator Chat

Originality at its core is something we crave and fear all at the same time. We crave because we want to be THAT one. We crave because deep inside we know we have something to say, do, transform, become, and transcend.

Yet along the way, the social stories and life begin to wear us down. We begin to not want to be that out there. We don’t relish as much in the title of being the “black sheep.” We realize that when we go the road alone we lose the one thing our human hearts need so deeply - love.

So then we compromise. We play games. We play smaller less authentic and safer. Yes, we all find some version of love at that point. But love is less sweet because we know that they don’t love us. They love the idea that we have made them to believe is us. That if this is who they love they would never truly love the full-on, unedited, brazen soul that we are.

What we do in love most of us do in business because in the end relationships are relationships no matter what way you look at them. We have all intentions of being us, changing the world, never compromising - yet our hearts and bank accounts tend to be a little less patient about waiting for the right one. Yes, we sell out long before the depths of our wisdom, value, and transformation can be felt by others and the results felt by us.

But just because that is the way it has been. Just because that is the choice we made in the past, doesn’t mean that that is who we have to be today or how we have to be moving forward. We can pause at any moment, take a breath, and choose to rediscover our original selves. We can choose to unlearn the social stories, consciously stop following into the same relational patterns, and hold strong to our core knowing that if we stay our own way, do not compromise, do not bend, then in the end - all will be.

And yes, that may sound overwhelming, exhausting, and simply unclear where to begin. Then use this quarter’s issue as a road map, reminder, and rest to rediscover the original you.

 To The Creator Spirit In All of Us,

Ali x


Summer 2019